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Mill Park is a cosy suburb and with plenty of young families calling it home, you want to be sure you have a trusted local electrician who knows their stuff!

Not only can RJP take care of any domestic or commercial electrical needs, we can also fit the perfect solar solution to your commercial building or home in Mill Park.

We take great care of our neighbours. Contact your local team here at RJP Electrical & Solar now!

In Mill Park’s postcode area (3082), more than 2,152 small-scale systems have been installed with a collective capacity of 9,378 kW as at May 31, 2021.

Given a population of 28,489, this works out to 329 watts per person in the area, compared to a 616 watts Australian average. There are approximately 10,226 dwellings in the 3082 area, so that calculates out at 21 solar panel systems per 100 dwellings – the Australian average is 30.

Based on a conservative average of 32,552 kWh of energy production a day (enough to power the equivalent of 2,035 homes) and retail electricity costs of 24c per kilowatt-hour; Mill Park and 3082 postcode area residents are collectively generating $2,851,557 of energy at retail prices a year!

Mill Park solar power system owners are also contributing to greenhouse gas emission reduction, with the systems in 3082 region avoiding 12,713 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

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