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Grid-connected systems are the most common and economical residential solar solutions in Australia.

They reduce the amount of power you need to purchase from your energy company by creating energy from the sun.

These solar energy systems allow you to still buy power from the grid during cloudy weather or at night, when solar is not viable. This happens without you even knowing as the intelligent technology uses all solar power first before swapping to the grid as needed. You are also able to sell power back to the grid when surplus energy is created by the sun. We carefully design every one of our solar energy systems differently to specifically match each customer’s needs.

We are with you every step of the way from the initial enquiry to the final commissioning and handover of your new solar energy system.All our systems are installed by in-house electricians which means the job will be done with a superior level of workmanship. Our products are also of the highest quality and long lasting. Considering solar energy systems are a long term investment, this will save you money over the product’s lifetime.

Now is a great time to install a solar power system with attractive federal and state rebates in place, which we can help you apply for! If you are confused about what your solar requirements are, what options are out there or how to take advantage of this amazing technology then contact us right away!

We are the experts with real life experience and qualifications to help you.

Our Process

Contact the team at RJP Electrical & Solar and we can set up an initial site inspection to get the ball rolling! We will ask for you to provide the address of your property and a recent power bill to kick start our research. We have online technology that allows us to start assessing your roof immediately and can input your current power consumption into our proposal.
Site Inspection
Other solar businesses like to quote from a map only but we know the only real way to do it is to go visit the property and measure properly. This will provide you with all the information needed in moving forward with a solar energy system installation.We also take a look at your power bill to assess your power usage to make sure we are giving you a quote for a system that will make the biggest difference.
Not only are RJP able to design and install grid-connected solar systems for residential properties, we help you get your government rebate too. All government rebates are calculated, applied for and deducted from your solar quote before any work commences, leaving you with a clear understanding of your out of pocket cost. Leave the paperwork up to us and stress less knowing you are getting the best bang for your buck!
The solar power system that we provide our customers is designed specifically for your needs and your property. We take into account things like the physical roof space available, if there are tree shading that will be in the way, if you have a multiple storey house, and what your power usage is like. Our systems are not a one size fits all, they are custom created. Remember, if you see a deal for solar power panels that seem too good to be true, then it probably is!
RJP Electrical & Solar don't want you to have to deal with solar marketing companies and not knowing who is actually turning up to complete your install. You will be able to put a face to the name as we pride ourselves on our customers being able to personally speak to the person who will be turning up to your site. With RJP you know exactly who you are dealing with. Our small team loves to be on the tools and visiting the sites and customer service is one our biggest priorities. Installation typically takes 1-2 days, so you will be up and running in no time!
Once we've completed the job, our relationship with you doesn't just finish there! When we finish your solar install, we give you a maintenance schedule. We recommended that your system is checked over after 12 months to make sure everything is working as it should be. RJP Electrical & Solar also monitor every system we install. So chances are, if your solar power isn't working as it should, we will know before you! We will set in motion a plan to get it up and running as soon as possible. We aim to minimise any financial loss you may incur, for example, if your system had been switched off for months without you noticing.
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